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Quintara Webmail

SEBS/NJAES Information Technology Services are pleased to announce that have launched a new webmail application that will replace yahMAIL.  This announcement will provide two months for users to acclimate to the new product before we retire and remove yahMAIL from the system effective March 1, 2011.  The new product is intended to be lightweight enough to work effectively on handheld devices and smartphones, while providing a good compliment of features for computer-based web browsers also.

The link for Quintara webmail is simply:

Some of the features included in Quintara are a spell-checker that you can enhance with your own dictionary, a search engine that can globally search your entire set of folders for word strings, etc. (note: browsers like Firefox and Chrome will show search results as they are found, but Internet Explorer does not show search results until the entire search has completed - hint: if this feature is important, choose your browser wisely), an iCAL compliant Calendar that will accept iCal appointment requests, a personal file share facility, a notebook, etc..

There are some settings you can tweak to personalize your Quintara Webmail experience.  Once you log in, click the Profile tab to make a number of personal settings.  Some things you will certainly want to do are:

1) Enter your Personal Name the way you want it to appear in messages (this option is toward the bottom of the page).

2) Type in your signature text for automatic inclusion on the bottom of messages (please follow University Relations guidelines). This feature is also at the bottom of the page.

3) If you use or prefer to use a different email alias than, like,, or another supported unit name choose an Alternate From Domain

4) Message Display Options
  • Select the number of messages you want listed per page
  • Select the sort order of messages
  • If you want HTML converted to safe text to view (you can always click the link in a message to view it as a web page if it appears safe), set Convert HTML Content to Safe Text to ON. This feature enables you to Convert HTML content to safe viewable text to evaluate it before you execute the html with your browser.

5) Message Delivery Options

  • Send yourself a copy of messages if you wish
  • Include the signature text in messages

6) Setting up an audible alert when new messages arrive (Quintara checks every minute)

  THIS MAY REQUIRE THAT YOU ALLOW YOUR BROWSER TO LAUNCH AN AUDIO PLAYER AS A ONE TIME SETTING). It will likely prompt you about this the first time a new message arrives after activation. You should close the browser and relaunch it after allowing the browser add-in to play the audio.

7) Advanced Messaging Features  (you must enable this for the features described below to work!)

  • Be careful when using the Out of Office reply on Quintara. If you use it, please do not use the standard out of office reply system where you Telnet or SSH into AESOP (as described here). You can use one or the other but not both at the same time.
  • The difference between the standard Out of Office reply (described here) and the Quintara Out of Office Reply is that the former sends ONE copy of the out of office message to each address only ONCE. The Quintara program sends ONE PER DAY. This probably doesn't change your usage, but FYI in case it does.
  • You can set up forwarding to another address, either within Rutgers or to an outside address, like your GMAIL address, Verizon address, etc.
  • You can also enable duplicate delivery of incoming messages to a NEWMAIL-COPY folder so that you can keep copies of all messages on the server, even if you use the POP3 protocol from your office PC. Normally, POP3 would download those messages from the server and delete them, so you'd only be able to see any NEW messages on Quintara, since you last checked email at the office.

Please note that Quintara is a "work in process".  Many customizations have already been made at our request and more are coming early this year.  For example, we are expanding the functionality of IMAP folders, so that you can have 256 folders, 8 layers deep. This should be more than enough for anyone who has a very thorough email storage structure on the server.   Other enhancements will let you enter calendar events to automatically turn on and off out of office notifications with different messages for each event.  The calendar will be able to synch with Outlook Calendar and work with groups and resources.

Presently, you will notice that Quintara tends to always lean toward the secure side when doing operations.  For example, when you reply to a message, by default the reply will only go to the original from address(es).  You MUST select to Reply to all or it won't!  Incidentally, Quintara has an Envelope Assistant link that you can LAUNCH that lets you change recipients around with mouse clicks, deleting some, changing from to, to cc or bcc, or even add new ones.  The time has come to force secure SSL connections and Quintara is always in an encrypted mode between the browser and AESOP.  By default, idle sessions timeout in 20 minutes. On a user-by-user basis, if you make an email request, we can modify the settings for you so that Quintara will NOT TIMEOUT.   As long as you understand that you must be disciplined enough to remember to logout on public devices, we will relax the timeout restriction for you by request.  Just ask Karl Lindauer (732/932-1100 x8416).

If you wish, you can export your addressbook from your email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) as a comma delimited file and import it all into Quintara.  See Importing Address Data from the Help tab

Any questions, problems, contact Karl Lindauer, 848/932-4116.