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Dr. Joseph Goffreda

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Rutgers University
Department of Plant Biology & Pathology
270 Foran Hall/ Cook Campus
59 Dudley Rd.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Campus Location

Office: Room 280 Foran Hall, 848-932-6372
Lab: Rutgers Fruit & Ornamental Research & Extension Center, 609-758-7311 ext. 13
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Research Interests

My research program concentrates on the genetic improvement of peach, nectarine, apple, and apricot. A major aspect of our breeding research focuses on the characterization and utilization of mutations affecting fruit ripening to develop improved tree fruit varieties with unique flavors, desirable textures, and exceptional storage qualities.  The program also maintains an extensive collection of tree fruit germplasm at Rutgers Fruit and Ornamental Research and Extension Center in Cream Ridge, NJ which is used to develop fruit and ornamental tree varieties with enhanced resistance to diseases and insect pests. Using controlled cross hybridization, we are combining multiple resistance alleles into our selections to attain more durable resistance to diseases. Several of the recently released disease resistant tree fruit cultivars are also being marketed to home owners because of their excellent eating quality and reduced maintenance requirements. We are also using interspecific hybridization to develop ornamental cultivars of Prunus, Malus and Pyrus with distinctive growth habits, unique leaf colors, and high levels of disease resistance.


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Dr. Goffreda is the director of Rutgers Fruit & Ornamental Research Extension Center in Cream Ridge, NJ